bookmark management tools

Bookmarking applications are designed to organize important links like Websites, articles, videos, and other types of content that users like to view later. They assist users to bookmark and do other things. You can explore important aspects of the built-in bookmark managers in the browsers and use a guide to online bookmark management tools here. You can focus on important things like the search bar, bookmark backup, syncing, and compatibility to compare and narrow down the bookmark management tools. You will clarify your doubts and be encouraged to use one of the most suitable bookmark management tools.

Eagle & Eagle Browser Extension

All users of this tool create dozens of bookmark folders and categorize them into subfolders with suitable tags, ratings, and colors. This tool comes with a window application and a browser extension to let users make bookmarks using the extension. Content creators use and recommend this tool to save inspiration for their projects. app is a leading bookmarking app and is renowned for its compatibility across several devices. You can use this tool on iOS, MacOS, Android, and Windows. The Advanced AI lets you discover dead links and categorize links with particular icons. This tool is a good option as you can integrate your bookmark manager on other platforms and manage bookmarks across other devices.


The Diigo tool is designed to save web links to add some sticky notes and highlights to the web pages. It is enough to handle bookmarking requirements and is available with a simplified interface. You can use this tool to add comments and particular notes to the web pages, particular tags to the bookmarks, and collaborate with the team members on bookmarks. All users of the top-rated online bookmark managers get more than expected benefits.


Papaly is a user-friendly bookmark organizer used to create icons and categories and bookmark favorite web pages. If you decide to search for a bookmark manager to manage the bookmarks in one place, then you can use this tool. You can create categories with custom icons and colors.

Bookmark Ninja

It is a first-class bookmark manager and is used to boost productivity in the process of researching the Internet and managing bookmarks. It comes with extensions and a manual method to save bookmarks.


Toby is a good option to use while surfing the Internet. It is one of the 10 must-have bookmark managers and is known for its unlimited bookmarking capabilities. You can use this tool to import or export bookmarks. You can add tags and notes to saved bookmarks.